San Antonio police said a masked gunman attempted to attack three people early Tuesday morning.

The first incident happened at the Avalon Place apartment complex in the 6600 block of UTSA Boulevard.

Four men living in one of the units heard a loud bang near their place. One of the men opened the door to find out what it was and saw a man in a black hoodie and black mask walking toward him with a gun.

The apartment resident ran back inside and locked his door, then called police.

About five minutes later, investigators said a driver in a black car drove up to a man getting into his car in the same apartment complex.

A masked gunman stepped out of the car and robbed the man. The gunman got away with the victim's wallet.

A short time later, investigators said the same black car was seen a couple of miles down from the apartment complex near a house in the 200 block of Adelaide Oaks.

A masked gunman jumped out and tried to rob a homeowner standing in his driveway, but he ran back inside and called police.

Investigatators said the car and the gunman appear to be the same in all three cases.

Police have made no arrests.

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