SAN ANTONIO This Thanksgiving will be a little different for one San Antonio couple after a run-in with two people who were likely looking to break into their home.

With clearly posted signs, security cameras everywhere and even a large security gate, their northwest home seems secure.

It makes me feel unsafe in my home now, because now I m thinking they re going to come back, said Mary Lou Marty.

One suspect was seen on security footage just outside a bedroom window on Wednesday around noon. A man then came out of the woods and met with the other suspect. The pair walked to the front gate, smacked a camera and rang the gate bell to see if anyone was home.

Mary Lou, who was inside napping, said she thought it was her husband and opened the gate. Once the suspect realized someone was home, he ran off towards the street.

But not without Mary Lou following.

I asked him what he was doing. What his name was. Why he was dinging the gate, Mary Lou said. Then he turned around and pulled out a gun, pointed it at me and told me to back the eff up.

Steve Marty is shocked and angry someone threatened his wife and home. That s why he shared the surveillance video with KENS 5 in hopes someone will recognize the suspects and report them to police.

Bless our stars it wasn t worse, he said. Everything was okay, but we got luck. The next people might not get so lucky.

Mary Lou said she saw the suspects run across the road to a church parking lot off of Heath Road and then flee in a white truck. Anyone with more information is encouraged to call police.

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