SAN ANTONIO -- Some say local strip clubs push the boundaries in more ways than one. Now city leaders are pushing for stricter guidelines for these so called entertainment businesses.

In the state of Texas, all-nude establishments are banned. However, in certain zoned areas, partially nude or topless strip clubs are permitted. Those are classified as sexually-oriented businesses or SOBs.

Some local clubs are trying to go by the title of, entertainment establishments because employees wear pasties, and therefore can operate within a thousand feet of schools, churches and community centers.

Councilman Ray Lopez is hoping to put a stop to the businesses, and is spearheading an ordinance that would require employees to either wear bikini tops or move to a location where SOBs are permitted.

Lopez is also attempting to clean up the language of the current ordinance by defining an SOB, which would include all businesses where employees wear anything less than a bikini top.

Another key point proposes the criminal penalty to increase from a Class C to a Class A Misdemeanor, which could mean increased jail time or higher fines.

The issue is scheduled to be on the San Antonio City Council agenda sometime next month.

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