SAN ANTONIO A local father says his daughter was sexually assaulted in the girls' bathroom and thatschool leaders aren't doing anything about it.

The 14-year-old girlwas allegedly attacked in early October inside a bathroom at John F. Kennedy High School. Her identity has been excluded from this reportbecause of her age and the nature of the alleged crime.

I used to blame myself a lot before, she said. He said this is how we're supposed to be doing it, and then he began touching me.

She said a classmate had followed her into the bathroom and then forced himself onto her.

I managed to push him off once, but I wasn't strong enough, she said. I did it once more pushed him harder and that's when I was able to get out.

School administrators called her father, whoquickly took action.

The student's father said he even has evidence from the hospital that proves his daughter was assaulted. School administrators, however, don't seem to care.

It's in the hands of the principal and I don't see them doing anything about it, he said.

The teen said the boy who assaulted her is still in school, and that it makes her feel uneasy knowing that she might run into him.

Makes me think, What's he going to do to me? she said.

Her father is worried, as well.

That bothers me. He's still around and all he got was a slap on the wrist, he said.

The teen's dad is taking her to counseling to cope with what happened and to keep her from blaming herself.

People don't believe her. Some do, some don't, he said. And it's hard (that) victims don't get believed in.

Edgewood ISD declined an on-camera interview but said they did confirm that SAPD is investigating an incident at the school. The school district's police are assisting in the investigation.

Neither School leaders nor San Antonio police were able to comment on the investigation since it is on-going.

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