SAN ANTONIO Democrat Pete Gallego closed the gap on incumbent Francisco Quico Canseco to win a hotly-contest battlefor the state's largest congressional district, the Associated Press projected late Tuesday night.

Canseco had enjoyed a solid lead at the start of the vote count with 55 percent of votes. About an hour later, he fell to 49 percent of votes to Gallego's 47 percent.

The two were neck and neck after most of the races had already been called. Just before midnight, Gallego sealed the District 23 race with 51 percent of the votes to Canseco's 45 percent.

Click here for final results in the District 23 race

Even while trailing, Gallego had faith that the tables may turn in his favor.

You know, it's not over until it's over, but compared to how we started the evening, and compared to how we started the campaign ... I think we're doing pretty well, Gallego said.

Texas's 23rd is the eighth largest congressional district in the country, covering the southwestern portion of the state.

Also running: Jeffrey Blunt (Liberterian) and Ed Scharf (Green Party).

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