SAN ANTONIO - Police said he resisted arrest so they Tased him. Now, the father of Councilman David Medina is facing charges of interference with public duties and resisting arrest.

KENS 5 tracked down Councilman David Medina's father, asking him about his arrest and confrontation with several SAPD officers on Thursday.

Did you get those injuries from what happened? we asked.

I have no comment, said David Medina Sr. - a shy and quiet David Medina Sr., quite the contrary from how the police characterized him during the confrontation. In the report, Medina Sr. was said to be highly agitated and interfering with officer duties.

A struggle ensued during the traffic stop, and it escalated, said SAPD spokesperson, Sgt. Javier Salazar.

It all went down after Councilman Medina's young sister was pulled over at I-35 South near Division. The councilman's parents arrived at the scene with a child.

I felt bad for him because there were like nine cops, said one young man who allegedly witnessed everything that happened. He had a young baby and the daughter.

The report said Medina Sr. refused to go to jail. He allegedly used his daughter and the child as human shields .

They were shoving 'cause the cop was trying to arrest them, said the young man.

Medina Sr. told his wife, Call the chief and the mayor and videotape the incident.

Officers said Medina wouldn't budge. The witness said one officer pulled out his baton and hit Medina Sr. He said soon after that officers moved in.

They Tased the guy, too, and then the daughter, they grabbed her ugly, too, said the witness.

Officers used a stun gun to subdue Medina Sr. and took him to jail.

When asked about the incident, Medina Sr. repeated, I have no comment.

Councilman David Medina issued the following statement:

Several members of Councilman David Medina s family were involved in a traffic incident yesterday. That incident now has become a legal matter which must run it s course. Councilman David Medina ask that the privacy of his family be respected. Councilman David Medina recognizes that it would be inappropriate for him to address any details regarding this matter.

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