Teachers and administrators at Scarborough Elementary School filed several complaints of possible abuseinvolving the adoptedchildren of a San Antonioday care owner to Texas Child Protective Services as far back as Fall 2008.

Iliana Archuleta runs the Honey Tree preschool on Culebra Road. The State shut the day care center down on Wednesday afternoon. They say Archuleta and Rogelio Archuleta, kept three adopted children locked up at their home in the Silver Oaks subdivision on the far northwest side.

During an interview with police over the weekend, Iliana's 10-year-old adopted daughter said she along with her 10-year-old and 8-year-old brothers were beaten, often locked in their bedroom and even forced to eat their own vomit if they became sick.

Its just so unimaginable that adults would dosomething so horrific to children, said NISDcommunications director Pascual Gonzalez.

A spokesperson for Child Protective Servicessays the last investigation by theResidential Child Care Division started inMarch 2011 and finished in June 2011.

Investigators did not find any probable signs of abuse.

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