SAN ANTONIO -- The Northside Independent School District starts a new student-tracking program attwoofits schoolswith the start of the new school year.

Students at JonesMiddle School and Jay High School will be tracked with radio frequency technology that's embedded in theirschool IDs.

NISD officials say the microchips will only work inside the walls of the school and on special needs buses in order to keep accurate attendance.

And attendance is everything. The district loses $175,000 a day in state funding because of tardy or absent kids. Tracking the ones who just didn t make it to first period may be a big payoff.

Despite a start-up cost of more than half a million dollars, NISD officials say the chips, implanted in the students ID badges, will pay for themselves.

The district bean-counters expect to gain more than $250,000 in attendance revenue from the state, and $1.2 million from Medicaid, because the district will be tracking special-needs kids, too.

Not all parents are OK with the tracking system. A group is planning to protest outside the Anson Jones Middle School on Prinn Road on Monday morning.

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