SAN ANTONIO -- Sherise Davila is a single mother with three children and 13 pit bulls. Davila fell in love with pit bulls as a child, and today she makes it her business to rescue and train the dogs.

They are the most loyal dogs, Davila said. They only do what's done to them.

Davila and 20 volunteers run Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue. They use certified trainers to teach pit bulls how tobecome service animals.

Davila suffers from seizures and depends on Pluto, a rescue pit who also serves as her seizure detection dog.

Davila plans to move her family out of their home and use it as a training facility. The county only allows five dogs on the property and so the organization will work within that limit.

We already rescue pit bulls from animal cruelty, shelters and the streets to train them for multiple professions, Davila said.

Davila estimates a service animal can cost about $15,000. She hopes to help those who can't afford certified help dogs.

The organization gets about 50 calls a day about pit bulls in need of rescue.

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