SAN ANTONIO --The Cabin in the Woods was playing on the big screen at the Mayan Theater. And Eddie Gonzalez was more than halfway through the horror flick when the action literally spilled into his seat.

He was moving stuff around. I couldn t believe it. He would run off and then he would come back, Gonzalez said. I said, wow, this guy s aggressive. This guy s harassing me, you know?

What Gonzalez saw--munching on his hot dog and interested in snacking on his candy--was a mouse. Gonzalez didn t think theater management would believe him, so he snapped a photo of the rodent with his cell phone.

There was a little uninvited guest. I didn t expect him and he turned out to be hungry. He wanted to eat off my plate, Gonzales said.

Things got worse: the mouse got pushy, then downright mean, and bit him on the thumb when he tried to shoo it away.

I didn t really feel too traumatized, but I was shaken, you know? Gonzalez said.

Mayan Theater management promptly refunded Gonzalez s admission ticket and food.

Santikos Theaters owns the Mayan. The company said the Mayan passed its last health inspection with a perfect score last August, and a pest control company makes monthly service-calls.

And that will continue, said Alexis Smith. But like I said, we have one (exterminator) coming out today. They ll now be coming out weekly until we know they have the situation under control.

Meantime Gonzalez traded the movie s ending for his own cliff-hanger: a trip to the hospital to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

He warns others the action on screen may not be what keeps them on the edge of their seat.

On the way out, another one crossed my path. I don t know if it was him. I stopped to take a picture and he disappeared into the wall, Gonzalez said. I was thinking of the kids and people that just go there to have a good time, the health issues, and I just think it should be addressed.

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