Many ladies know what it's like to not have time to do your nails. Sometimes it's just a hassle to paint them, then wait for them to dry. Now one product promises to give your nails the perfect paint job in seconds.

So, we putSally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips to the test.

The strips claim they're easy to use -- just peel and apply. The package comes with 16 strips, a cuticle stick, and a mini-file.

The directions say first push back cuticles with wooden stick. Then shape your nails with the hot pink side of the file, and then gently smooth surface of the with the white side.

There are about 40 colors and designs to choose from. Find the right size strip, peel off the backing, and stick it on.

It takes some practice to get the technique just right, but in the end, it s easy, and the nails look great.

Real Nail Polish strips by Sally Hansen get a thumbs up.
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