Rosalia Lopez says she has been waiting for about a month for her car. It's at Star Automotive &Transmission. That may sound familiar. It isthe second time we've been there in two weeks.

Lopez took in her 1998 Honda CRV because the transmission was slipping. She says the owner, Manuel Garcia, said he could fix it for $900.

Lopez says she gave him $600 down and agreed to pay him the rest when the job was finished.

After waiting a couple of weeks, with no contact from Garcia, she went by the shop. Her CRVwas sitting on the street and it hadn't been touched.

Lopez says Garcia told her he was backed-up, but would get to it soon. Another week or two, and the car was moved. They had pushed it out of the way.

Lopez says every time they called, Garcia wasn't in.

That's when they called Eyewitness Wants to Know.

We went by and spoke with Manuel Garcia... again. He told a different story this time.

Garcia says they agreed to remove, disassembleandinspect the transmission, then try to repair it, without doing anything major, for $900.

Garcia says when he got inside the tranny he found it needed a torque converter and a new cooler.

Garcia says he called Lopez and told her it would cost another $400. But, Lopez says Garcia never called her and had, in fact,been ducking her calls for weeks.

After talking with Garcia, we tried to call Lopez several times, but the calls wouldn't go through.

Garcia called us several times saying he was having the same experience calling Lopez.

Garcia now says he will go ahead and repair Lopez's transmission, but he won't do anything until he can talk with her and she pays him the $400, up front.

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