NATALIA -- An elderly woman in Natalia said police there shot and killedseven of her dogs.

Epifania Avalos said Natalia police showed up Feb. 1 prepared to seize her animals, but something went horribly wrong.

I told them not to do it, Avalos said. Please don't do it. I was crying and I'm still missing my animals and they said 'no, we have to get rid of them.'

Residents in Natalia are only allowed to havefour pets, Avalos admits to having 15 animals, but said her animals did not have to die.

Police were responding to ongoing complaints about too many animals on the property, and Avalos said her dogs have attacked and killed small dogs twice in the past year.

Natalia Police Chief Alfred Ortiz declined to comment. KENS 5 has requested the official police report, but it has not been made available.

Avalos has been told to appear in court March 15.

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