SAN ANTONIO -- With bikini season right around the corner, a local salon says moreand more men are going hair free. They are even paying twice as much as women to go Brazilian --or manzilian.

Women know that sometimes beauty hurts. But now men are getting the message. Many of them are suffering through a hot wax and a rip to get the look they want below the belt.

Everything front back and in between, said Linda Garcia, a wax specialist at We Wax on Medical and Fredericksburg Road.

The staff says they are seeing more male athletes and professionals who are booking bikini wax appointments. Garcia said they are typically doctors or nurses.

Many of them are going all out for the male Brazilian, or manzilian, Garcia said. It's a Brazilian, but for a man.

Women pay $48 for a Brazilian, but men pay almost twice that to go hairless.

For men we charge $70, Garcia said.

Right now there is such a high demand, that they are running a $60 special for men to get the service.

But the staff says the price is not the only reason big boys cry.

Women are much tougher than men we know! Garcia said. It's just different now. Men are more comfortable with themselves. They're grooming more up here or down here.

We Wax recommends taking a pain reliever like Tylenol 45 minutes before coming in to help with the pain.

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