SAN ANTONIO -- What should be a quick bite for customers is turning into a quick way for crooks to grab quick cash.

A recent string of taco truck robberies has San Antonio police on alert.

Three robberies in a span of just a few days, two of which were very similar, have police believing they might all have been planned by the same group of thieves.

The owner of a taco stand in the 1000 block of Hildebrand reported a robbery Thursday night. He said around 9 p.m. a man walked up to his window, pulled out a gun and demanded cash.

The owner gave him about $250, then watched as the thief took off in a car with other people inside.
Wednesday night in the 2200 block of Vance Jackson a similar holdup occurred.
The owner of that taco truck said he handed over cash to two suspects who fled in a vehicle. The third event took place in a similar way.

Officer Matthew Porter with the San Antonio Police Department warns taco truck owners to be extra cautious.

Make sure if you are in one of these trucks be in a well-lit area. Try to have maybe two people working. Don't leave large amounts of cash in these trucks, he suggests.

If you have information about these robberies, SAPD would like to hear from you.

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