SAN ANTONIO - High quality cocaine along with millions of dollars allegedly linked to the Zetas were part of a San Antonio drug bust that authorities say crippled a powerful drug operation.

Five people were arrested and charged with cocaine trafficking. Three of them were working in San Antonio.

Four vintage hot rides, from a 1968 red Impala to a hot pink low-rider classic, were part ofthe drug seizure by DEA in San Antonio.

We had a seizure of about$2 millionand another seizure of $50,000, said Mauricio Fernandez, DEA special agent. We also seized about 5 kilos of high quality cocaine.

Fernandez says it was part of year-long investigation involvingother law enforcementagencies. Authoritiesclaim the operation covered an area from Laredo to Chicago, San Antonio being a hub for the illegal activity believed to be linked to the Zetas drug cartel.

Our portion of the investigation targeted a unit of facilitators who were not only moving quality cocaine, but they were also receiving millions of dollars that were eventually being transported south in Laredo, said Fernandez.

The classic rides are said to be worth thousands of dollars.

It's the fruits of drug activity, Fernandez explains.

The vehicles hadbeen modified and even used in car shows to win money and trophies.

Fernandez says they believe there are Zetas in San Antonio and the evidence is in the money.

When you look at that kind of money, only a significant cartel would be able to get that kind of money, said Fernandez.

Prosecutors are also hoping to seize a lot near Windcrest and a house on the southeast side of town. They are suspected of having been purchased with drug money.

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