Tanya Crail had a pipe break in her home, which gave her the excuse that she needed to tear up her old carpet and have her concrete floors stained and polished. Crail researched several companies online and decided to go with K-Stone because they didn't have any complaints against them.

The company gave the Crails an estimate and told them what they would do. The Crails went to K-Stone's showroom to see some of their work and signed a contract. K-Stone's crew completed the work in five days. But when the Crails saw the finished product, they called the owner Rick Stone and told him it wasn't what they were promised.

Stone went to the home and apparently agreed. He had his crew come back in, re-grid the floors, then re-stain and re-polish them. When the Crails saw the dusty mess the crew had caused and the quality of work, they called Rick Stone, again. Stone came out again, but this time he saw little problem.

When the Crails asked for a refund, they say initially Stone agreed. But several days later the Crails received an e-mail from Stone saying he no longer believed they deserved one. That's when they called us. We went to the Crail home, then went to see Rick Stone. Stone said he stands by the work his team did. He said the floors were beautiful and the home was clean. Tanya Crail showed us pictures that would lead you to believe otherwise.

At any rate, it doesn't matter. Rick Stone said he won't budge on the issue. Tanya Crail said she hates to do it, but may be forced to take the issue to court to try to recover the roughly $5,000 they paid K-Stone.

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