SAN ANTONIO -- While many Texans are celebrating the Dallas Mavericks bigNBA Championship win over the Miami Heat some San Antonians aren't, and it has nothing to do with the rivalry.

TheNBA Finals is a huge game for sports betters, but it is illegal in Texas and Bexar County. Sheriff's deputies say theyhavebusted a long-time San Antonio bookie and confiscated thousands of dollars.

Deputies said after investigating 67-year-old Federico Felanfor illegalgambling. They pulled him and his car over around 8 a.m. Monday for running a red light.

That's when investigators said they found $9,000 in his pocket, $10,000 in his car and another $140,000 inthe trunk of his daughter-in-law'scar nearFelan's home.

Officialssaid Felan had close to $200,000 from Sunday's basketball game, but $40,000 is unaccounted for. The majority of all the money was to be used for payouts, but has now been seized.

We know that this would be the big payout. Wewanted to get it at its peak. This is a largegambling operation so of course we want to catch it when it hurts him most, and I think we did, said Lieutenant. Tammy Burr of theBexar County Sheriff's OfficeNarcotics Unit.

While Investigators said this was a large bust, they claim Felan had been doing it for years, placing millions of dollars worth of bets over the past 3 decades.

You can tell he does this every day, so all these are per day. He's got everything labeled. He's very organized with his job here. Hehas Monday through Friday. He knows who he's going to pay and how much he's going to pay them, said Burr.

Felan is currently the only one facing felony charges, but Burr said that could change as the investigation continues.

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