Nearly a week after he was brutally gunned down at a traffic stop, Bexar County Sgt. Kenneth Vann was laid to rest Friday.

Hundreds turned out for his funeral at St. Joseph Catholic Church near Spring Branch, where law enforcement vehicles lined the street for what seemed like a mile.

There's no lack of support for Sgt. Vann's family, nor any lack of urgency to find his killer.

You can't judge a man by the number of years he lived, or even by the number of people at his funeral. But you can begin to understand Sgt. Vann by learning why he served.

The three greatest reasons for his commitment to justice were his children, Father Jimmy Drennan said during the service Friday morning.

And while Vann's wife -- a fellow Bexar County sergeant -- and three kids were hugged by hundreds, Vann was saluted by thousands as his casket was carried through a sea of blue from the church to the cemetery.

His service, first as a U.S. Marine and then for the past 26 years as a Bexar County deputy, was honored by all in attendance.

But while Friday may have marked an ending to a life, those who witnessed his funeral -- especially those in uniform -- say that with Vann's killer still on the loose, justice is far from done.

Every single one of us were struck that night, Drennan said. Every single one of us have risen together, and they are going to have to deal with the entire state and nation when justice is dealt out.

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