San Antonio-- Aweys Hussein came to the U.S. in 2004 as a SomaliBantu Refugee from Africa. The 27-year-old has five kids with one on the way.

On December 24th of last year he was walking to another apartment at the Wurzbach Manor when a pit bull attacked him. Hussein said the owner of the pet was nearby and lost control of the dog.

Hussein had injuries to the right side of his face and to his left leg. For two months he was unable to work. As a result he lost his job as a hotel worker.

Hussein has $3000 in unpaid medical bills. He recently found a part-time job. The owner of the pit bull did not have insurance.

The dog was returned to the owner, but is no longer kept on the apartment property.

Hussein tried to recover his losses through the state's victim's crime fund, but was rejected since the police report was only an information report and not a report seeking criminal charges.

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