For some, fighting wrinkles with the use of a home laser sounds dangerous, but the FDA recently approved just such a device.

It's primary target: crow's feet.

The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is the only FDA cleared take-hoe laser device on the market so far.

According to the instructions, after daily use for a month, you will see natural looking, but dramatic results.

Dr. David McDaniel of the McDaniel Laser and Cosmetic Center calls it a breakthrough product.

The PaloVia device goes deeper in the skin where wrinkles are formed and helps stimulate fresh new collagen whereas things like Retin-A, retinoids, creams and lotions typically don't do that, says McDaniel.

Until now, plumping up eye wrinkles required a visit to the doctor's office and two to four treatments with a large fractional laser.

The laser doctors use is much stronger than the home-use variety. It has the ability to penetrate much deeper. But the PaloVia laser can make up for its lack of power through repetition.

Nine out of ten people in the original studies showed visible improvement in 30 days, says McDaniel.

But, to get the targeted crow's feet area, puts the laser close to the eyes. Is it safe?

The PaloVia device knows if it's in contact with your skin. It also knows if it's sealed for light and when it's sealed, explains McDaniel. A little blue light comes on and it will allow you to fire it. If you're not sealed, it can't fire.

Besides a little redness after each treatment, Dr. McDaniel says people who use the laser are OK.

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