SAN ANTONIO -- Clowns joined a big party Friday to celebrate children and educate them on crime prevention. Bexar County's crime prevention week ended with a celebration in Milam Park.

The picnic focused on the most innocent victims.

Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed said, I thought it was important that we bring a spirit of protection of children, but fun and appreciation of the joy of life of children, and how they need to be protected.

The non-profit organization, Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), creates a safer environment for abused children. The motorcycle image empowers kids not tofeel afraid of the world in which they live.

Phoenix with BACA said, We have our bikes so the kids cango sit on our bikes. We're used to the cotton candy, sticky fingers. We all love these kids. We love them verymuch. CauseIf we don't standup for them, and stick up and take a stand for these kids, who else is going to do it.

Child Safe, a non-profit group, focuses on reducing the amount of abuse and neglect in San Antonio.

Clarissa Zamora with Child Safe says, We also want them to make it aware that , they also need to protect their children and prevent the abuse from happening.

Children enjoyed clowns, cotton candy, face painting and a visit from the Spurs Coyote.

Parents say it is important to teach their children early.

Daisy Ramos says she brings her children to the event every year. We came last year and they remember it, and they have a lot of fun when they are out here, and it is quality time withyourkids.

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