Could you use an extra five, ten or even fifteen bucks? Well, if you have an unusual talent or skill, it may pay off thanks to a new website called

Now I am here to sell you this gig where I will put together a cool, awesome ninja video just for you! claims the out-of-work ninja named Ryou Sigara. He's also known as username NitroHotFire and is really just trying to earn a buck -- or five -- with his fancy sword and bow work. He's just one of thousands of users who are marketing their skills for the bargain price of five dollars.

Yeah, actually, I've been unemployed for a while now, claims Sigara. And I thought about going into retirement but I think its about time for me to get back out there. So I thought fiverr would be a good place to start.

Currently, he's got three videos in production. But this ninja also doubles as a dancer, a math wizard and prank caller. And this master of the night has high aspirations of a big payday.

My short term goal is to make $1,000 a month, he said.

However, if you don't have ninja skills there's a lot of other stuff that can be bought and sold for just five bucks, like a custom-designed logo or a psychic reading. Can you tattoo a stranger? Se habla espanol? Even a Spanish tutor is hawking his skills.

And for only five smackers, there's something for everyone!

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