What if recognizing a face could turn into money in your pocket? Would you be willing to tell what you know? That chance exists near one of South Texas' largest county jails. A local bail bond company is putting court-wanted fugitives on blast for a price.

A Action BailBonds gets a lot of traffic in and out of their doors.Perhaps, it's where they aresituated.They are located in the 1100 block of West Commercejust feet away from the Bexar County Detention Center. So, people who have the misfortune of getting locked up find it convenient to find their business and others like itin that area.

They offer bonds to those who are locked up. However, they lose money when the suspects do not show up for court.

We have so many days to get them re-arrested, said Dane Embrey, one of the company's owners.

In fact, Embrey said their losses have climbed up to as much as $500,000.

The crimes for thepeople who skip out on their court dateand become bond-jumping fugitives run the gamut from drugs to aggravated assault.

Embrey said they have bounty hunters. A Action BailBonds even takes out paid advertisements in local and nationalpapers trying to recoup their money.They even post pictures of the fugitives in their front window.

Recently, hisbrother came up with a slightly more high tech idea. They mounted a flat screen television in the window where they loop pictures of the wanted 24/7.

It's paid off several times, Embrey said.

They have seen that half-million dollar loss drop to around $140,000.

Speaking of paying off, his company reportedly offers rewards for information leading to the capture of alleged bond jumpers.

The amount of the reward depends on the crime, Embrey added.

We've posted their latest loop of mugshots above. If youknow where tofind thealleged suspects, callA Action Bail Bonds at (210) 226-5487.

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