SAN ANTONIO --Four teenagers are caught up in a sexting scandal at Woodlake Hills Middle School.

Our understanding is two cheerleaders, off campus during their own time, were taking pictures of each other. They were inappropriate, graphic pictures, pornographic in nature. They then shared those with other students, said Judson ISD spokesperson James Keith.

Those other students just happened to be football players.

World travels quickly in a school of more than 900-students: reports of a phone that went off in class... it was confiscated, and the photos found on it. School officials say that s when they began to trace the texts.

Keith said, It seems as though the girls took the pictures consensually. But whether it s consensual or not, we re not going to tolerate it on a school campus.

Officials said two middle-school football players and two cheerleaders face disciplinary charges. The two boys and one girl received 2 day suspensions for having it on their phones.

And for one cheerleader, authorities said there is a stiffer penalty, for distributing it to the others.

She has been recommended to go to alternative school. A hearing first, but she could be out of her campus for 45-days.

Judson school district police continue to investigate.
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