SAN ANTONIO --A San Antonio mother is battered and bruised, but breathing a sigh of relief after fighting off a group of carjackers. It was not her car she was protecting, but her child buckled up in the backseat.

The mother of four is nursing a black eye and bruises throughout her body. She admits she fears for her life, but she spoke exclusively toKENS 5 to make sure this horrific incident does not happen to someone else.

I don't worry for me butI worry for my daughter. I don't care that it happened to me, but for my daughter because she's so little; she's only seven years, she said.

The victim, whom we will call Mary, does not want to reveal her identity for fear of retaliation, but she did want to talk toKENS 5 to help lead to the capture of the three young men who carjacked her and took her child away for a brief moment. It happened so fast, Mary said.

Marydrove withher young daughterto Summit Oaks Apartments, located on the city's northwest side, Sunday afternoon to spend time with her sister.

Once Mary pulled into the parking lot, she noticed three young men attempting to steal the stereo system out of a family member's pickup truck.

Mary then drove up to the men and yelled at them to stop. Marysaid that is when one of them punched her in the face, pushed her out of her car and then hopped in and started to drive.

This was all taking place while her seven-year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat. Mary tried to grab her daughter, but it almost cost her her life.

WhenI came outside, a lady was being dragged by a car, said Loretta Garza, who witnessed the carjacking. Residents say the carjacker drove for a few feet before noticing the child in the back seat. He then jumped out of the car and into another vehicle with the other suspects and sped off.

I'm scared when he tried to take my car and my daughter... I said, 'Oh no, my God,' Mary said.

Mary said her child is shaken but doing okay. The carjackers were last seen driving off in a black Chevy Tahoe with chrome bumpers and side mirrors. Anyone with information about this case is urged to call police.

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