AUSTIN -- A Texas woman and her attorney, Ron Simon, say it started with breakfast tacos on a Saturday in June. The only other food she said she would have that weekend was French fries.

By Monday, 34-year-old Amanda Sanchez was in the hospital. On Tuesday she was in quarantine, and on Wednesday her tests came back positive for salmonella.

I think I probably could have died, Sanchez said. I was that sick.

Today, she and her attorney are convinced it was the tacos from a Taco Cabana store on north FM 620 in Northwest Austin. They have filed a lawsuit accusing Taco Cabana, Wright County Egg, and Hillandale Farms of negligence and deceptive trade practices.

It is the first suit filed in Texas since the salmonella egg recall just a few weeks ago.

We are certain that she ate contaminated eggs, Simon said. And the only place she ate eggs was at Taco Cabana.

Austin-Travis County health records show the store received passing scores over the past two years. According to the Texas Department of Health, no direct link has been made between eggs in Texas salmonella cases and the nationally recalled eggs.

Simon believes it is a matter of time.

They came from the recall farms, he said. There is no doubt about that.

In the meantime, Taco Cabana denies it.

On Thursday the company issued a statement, which read in part: We are aware we have been named in a lawsuit filed by Ms. Sanchez. Taco Cabana would like to make it clear it does not receive eggs from the Iowa farms included in the recall.

So far, there have been 165 people sickened in Texas since the salmonella outbreak.

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