If Rick Dyer is right, this is the zoological find of the century.

No blurry pictures. No trying to hide anything, Dyer says while shooting video of his treasure. This is the real Bigfoot!

You heard right he says he has the corpse of a Sasquatch, I was sweating. I was shocked. I didn t know what to do even though I trained for this moment.

He calls himself the Bigfoot Master Tracker and what he got was a short video one that has impressed some, Look at that! It blinks. Say one viewer of the video.

Dyer says he shot it from out of his tent in September of 2012 near San Antonio.

Another viewer of that video watching in an online forum said, There is a living sasquatch looking straight at you. I can t even imagine how that filmer felt.

Dyer says he used ribs from Walmart barbecued with a sprinkling of Deer Urine to attract the creature he now calls Hank .

I was waiting. I was ready and when he came back I was even in more shock, said Dyer after he shot the 8 foot Bigfoot.

He claims to have partnered with a University that he gave the body to for extensive testing from DNA to MRI s.

Dyer says he agreed to not say where that is until the school releases the full research.

That s one reason skeptics say that Rick Dyer is just another huckster, trying to make a buck off a legend.

He told us in our hour long interview via Skype, he s heard that before, I know you think I m a nut job. But I am not a nut job bro.

If that is not what you expected Bigfoot to look like I m sorry. But that is Bigfoot. Period Case Closed.

Dyer says you ll have a chance to judge for yourself, Your eyes don t deceive you.

He and Hank hit Houston in late February as part of a national tour.

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