HONDO -- New details are emerging surrounding the Corpus Christi Border Patrol Agent who allegedly drove to Hondo to kill his wife's lover, according to officers.

Adam Garibay, 33, is accused of tying up and beating his wife before driving to Hondo to kill the man she was having a relationship with, Keith Martin, police said.

Martin, 35, was the father of three and the step father of another, according to his father. Martin had just moved back to Hondo from Corpus Christi about a week before.

When Garibay found out about his wife's affair, he drove the 160 miles to Hondo to kill Martin, officers said.

Martin's father said the two were standing a few feet from the front door when Martin turned to go back inside. Then, Garibay shot Martin four times in front of his father. Martin's brother-in-law's two kids were at the home at the time of the incident.

Kieth didn't deserve that and I honestly hope that this guy realizes that he made a huge mistake and that he took a wonderful person out of this world for nothing more than his own stupidity and jealous rage, Martin's brother-in-law Monte Lee said.

The sheriff's office in Medina County said Garibay took off in his car and made it west to Sabinal before he crashed.

Garibay was taken to the hospital in Hondo, then to University Hospital in San Antonio for evaluation, police said. The sheriff in Medina County could not yet say what sort of charges Garibay is facing but said it's a lot of charges.

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