San Antonio -- A Ft. Sam Houston police officer was fired last week for conducting a traffic stop on a suspected drunk driver outside jurisdiction of the military post.

Corporal Jeremy Trombly was given notice of his termination December 19. Trombly is also a lead complainant in a congressional inquiry launched to examine security concerns on post.

In late September, Trombly was the second officer on scene for a traffic stop on post for a suspected drunk driver.

Paul Davis, 32, was allegedly spotted by officers driving without his seat belt after 2 a.m.

He had slurred speech, he was swaying. All the possible indicators of a DWI, said Trombly.

The officer who initiated the traffic stop began conducting a field sobriety test on Davis, but stopped about one-third of the way through.

Trombly said the officer instead cited Davis for driving on a suspended license then arranged for one of Davis' sober friends to drive him home.

Moments later, Trombly was behind Davis' car on Binz-Engleman road when he said he saw Davis get out of the passenger seat and get back behind the wheel, replacing his friend who moved into another nearby car.

He absolutely would have gone right down the highway the wrong way. Too many what if's and too many cases when that does happen, said Trombly, who turned on his lights and had Davis step out of the car.

Trombly called San Antonio police then handed the stop over to them.

SAPD also cited Davis for driving on a suspended license.

It was still critical to get him off the road before he caused damage to himself, myself or anybody else on the road. said Trombly.

Command staff on post disagreed. Trombly was placed on paid administrative leave in November.

In a termination letter given to Trombly last week, the eight-year disabled veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps was told he made an unnecessary and unauthorized traffic stop outside 502 SFS jurisdiction.

As a result of being placed on leave and then later terminated, Trombly's military clearance was suspended.

Ft. Sam Houston's police department is a civilian federal police force.

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