The San Antonio Spurs held their annual Media Day on Monday at the team's practice facility in San Antonio, and with the Western Conference Championship team largely intact, fans are optimistic about another run for the NBA title.

But first, the Spurs are still working to exorcise the demons of last June's NBA Finals loss to the Miami Heat.

Manu Ginobili said it has been a process that has continued throughout the summer.

Of course, the first two weeks were hard, Ginobili said. I mean, you think about it a lot, and people you see in the street remind you about that. It makes it even harder.

But then slowly, you start thinking about it less and less, and of course sometimes it's going to come up, sometimes you're going to see highlights. But once in a while, it just comes and hurts. It just plain hurts.

The team heads to Colorado Springs for training camp at the Air Force Academy for the rest of this week before returning home for a scrimmage at the AT&T Center this Sunday. The scrimmage is free and open to the public.

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