SAN ANTONIO -- A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center shows Hipanics in South Texas aren't living as healthy a lifestyle. It shows almost 38 percent of them are obese.

This may well be the first generation that does not outlive their parents, said UTHSC researcherDorothy Long Parma. The reason is that obesity is linked to many, many cancers. Many cancers are being found in as young an age as preschoolers.

The study took into account five years of research and tracked families living in 38 counties in South Texas. It concluded diabetes and obesity impacted South Texas differently than the rest of America.

We have a large immigrant population. We have a large border population. The lifestyle tends to be more sedentary, said Parma.

You don't have to have an exercise routine andgo to the gym everyday. We can go have fun outside in the park, said Erica Ybarra, 19, as her family played at Woodlawn Lake Park. In the end, it's for your children, for your future. You can show them I'm healthy. We can do this. We can exercise together.

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