Just days after two students at Thomas Jefferson High School were arrested for sexually assaulting a female student at school during school hours; the San Antonio Independent School District confirmed this was not the first time this has happened.

In November, a similar incident was reported at Thomas Jefferson High School, according to a district spokesperson.

Back then a student was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student in the school s emergency stairwell. The incident in November happened before school hours.

The alleged sexual assault on Wednesday also happened in the school s emergency stairwell, but happened while school was in session.

Eighteen-year-old Rudy Gonzalez was arrested for Wednesday'saggravated sexual assault. A second juvenile student faces a similar charge.

District officials said the high school has increased the amount of staff presence in the halls. The school is also looking at installing more security cameras and alarms on the doors leading to the emergency stairwells.

That way if someone does try to enter that area we are going to have loud alarms and teachers are going to know someone has entered into those areas, said district spokesperson Leslie Price.

After the alleged assault in November, Thomas Jefferson High School did make some security changes. Since the November assault, students are no longer allowed in the hallways before school. If students arrive early, they must remain in the cafeteria where they can be monitored by staff members.

After this second incident, the school district said more security changes are coming.

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