SAN ANTONIO -- A year and a half after the triple murder of a San Antonio family the Bexar County district attorney has moved to charge two brothers for the crime.

The victims of the horrendous crime: a 10-year-old girl, her mom and female roommate.

In September of 2011 firefighters were called to a burning home near Harry Wurzbach and Loop 410.

There they discovered the bodies of 10-year-old Sammy Ochoa, her mother, Rebecca Gonzalez and roommate, Pam Wenske. Investigators said all three had been stabbed prior to the fire.

On Tuesday Sammy's father, 32-year-old Conrad Ochoa, and her uncle, 37-year-old Baron Ochoa were indicted in the triple murder.

They had been arrested after the and are in custody.

The brothers area currently in jail, awaiting trial on charges of possession of child pornography against Conrad Ochoa, and continuous sexual abuse of a child against Baron Ochoa, Sammy's uncle.

Prior to the death of the three victims, the child had accused the men of sexual abuse.

They were scheduled to appear in court to face those accusations, but the triple murder happened six days before.

The man face a possible death sentence or life without parole if convicted on capital murder charges.

The punishment for the sex crimes range from two to ten years for possession of child porn, and 25 years to life for sexual abuse.

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