HARRIS COUNTY -- Friends and family members of a Harris County teenager said the high school freshman was killed over a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

It was uncalled for, said the victim s father, Gilberto Reyna. This is a senseless killing that should never happen to any parent s child.

Sixteen-year-old Juan Reyna was gunned down inside a neighbor s home last week. According to his father, the violence erupted during an argument over the expensive sneakers Reyna had recently purchased from the alleged gunman.

He wanted to sell my son a pair of Jordan shoes, added Reyna.

His son died at the hospital.

Authorities have arrested Yusef Villanueva and charged him with murder.

Villanueva initially told investigators the gun went off by mistake. And, a woman at the suspect s home called the incident an accident.

But, the victim s friends remained unconvinced.

It s just pain that I feel that he s gone over a pair of shoes, said Rodrigo Ramirez, a former classmate of the victim.

Reyna would have turned 17 on Thursday. His loved ones are planning to hold a candlelight vigil in his honor.

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