SAN ANTONIO -- Police are cracking down on motorists who aren't giving bicyclists enough room on the road.

The city passed the Safe Passage Ordinance last year, which requires motorists to be at least three feet from the cyclists when they pass. Commercial vehicles are required to give six feet of space.

San Antonio police Chief William McManus said on Wednesday that officers will be going undercover and on their bicycles to ensure motorists are following the rules of the road.

We will have officers out there on bicycles with a police car paralleling. And in the event there is a violation, the bike officer will radio the car, the car will pull the motorist over and site them for violation of the Safe Passage Ordinance.

Violators may be fined up to $200.

Helen Hunt, a local cyclist, said everyone needs to be more courteous while sharing the road -- including cyclists.

They need to stop at stop signs. They need to stop at lights. They need to signal when they turn. I see cyclers ignoring the road rules as well, she said.

The ordinance only applies within city limits. Cyclist like Hunt said they hope other areas catch on and pass the same type of rules.

We don t expect motorist to stick a yard stick out the window, McManus said. The idea is: Give them a wide berth, give them a break.

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