She hasn't taken office yet, but the Bexar County sheriff-elect is already making changes.

Wednesday morning Susan Pamerleau announced four members of her new leadership team.

She said it is just the first in line of new appointments and changes she has planned.

But at least in the first round the changes are subtle, at best.

Three out of the four new appointees already work for the Sheriff's Office.

Chief Deputy Manual Longoria has been re-appointed to his current position and Captain Tammy Burr was named deputy chief (designate) for Court Security and Judicial Services.

For the time being, Deputy Chief Mark Thomas will continue as the administrator for the Bexar County Detention Center while a national search for a professional jail administrator is conducted.

The only outsider is new public information officer, Paul Berry. For the past 20 years, Berry has been the spokesperson for USAA.

Pamerleau says going with this doesn't mean it will be status quo at the Sheriff's Office.

When you build a leadership team, it's important to bring in new ideas, fresh approaches and looking for best practices, she said. It's also important to bring people from within so there is a good mix of historical background understanding. That's how we get better.

Pamerleau said in the next couple of months she will lay out a plan detailing major policy changes.

Next week Pamerleau will head to Austin for training with al the state's newly-elected sheriffs. She referred to it as 'baby sheriff school.'

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