In the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, non-profits are getting into the act and urging people to give as well as shop.

The last few days have been all about getting... Getting more, getting it first, getting it cheaper.

But Tuesday is a day for giving. It's being called the first-ever Giving Tuesday.

It's really kind of changing the focus to what touches me deep in my soul. What touches my heart and what kinds of organizations do I want to support? said Carolyn Sigfried of Hope Hospice.

The idea started in New York to harness the same collective attention given to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. But this is about helping non-profits in our community.

Pleasanton's Stoneridge Shopping Center is taking part, as well as Stanford Mall in Paolo Alto. Their parent company has hundreds of malls joining in the effort.

We're excited to be a part of it and we hope that it grows, said Carrie Williams of Stoneridge Shopping Center. Just to get people to start talking about ways to give back and how do you give back and how can you give back. We want toa be a part of that conversation.

It's a conversation Amanda Wilson had growing up.

When we'ed go out to our dinners if we saw someone homeless or helpless, we'd bring them in with us to the restaurant and we'd feed them, she said.

Now she works for a store -- Brighton Collectibles -- with that same charitable spirit. They're raising money to fight breast cancer.

On Tuesday, Stoneridge will encourage people to donate to non-profits like the American Red Cross, Hope Hospice and Simon Youth Foundation, which is the mall's non-profit to help high school dropouts.

Setting a day aside and giving it a name like Giving Tuesday focuses our attention on the greater good... especially after days of indulgence.

That's what giving is, Sigfried said. You're allowing all of those other organizations to do a wide variety of good work in the community.

While we delight watching children ask for what they want, we may find our joy comes from asking others what they need.

Here in San Antonio, Ingram Park Mall and Rolling Oaks Mall are both getting involved in Giving Tuesday by encouraging customers to donate to the American Red Cross and the Simon Youth Foundation.

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