Olivia Lee doesn't need any more problems. Her diabetes got so bad, doctors had to remove part of her left leg. Now she says her mechanic has left her walking.

Lee said her Mazda MPV van wouldn't start, so she had it towed to Kent's Automotive. The mechanic replaced the spark plugs, an oil sensor and cleaned her brakes. He charged her $375 dollars and the van appeared to run just fine.

A few days later, however, it suddenly wouldn't start again. The manager of Kent's had the van towed back to the shop, free of charge and looked at it again. This time he had to replace the coils and do more extensive tuneup work, which cost Lee almost $600.

A little less than a month later, the van wouldn't start. Once again, George, the manager of Kent's, had the van towed to the shop. He said he worked on the van quite a bit and even replaced some parts at no cost to Lee. But the van still wouldn't start.

Lee said Kent's should repair her van for free or give back some of her money.

After continued work, George said the van needs a new main computer. He said he told Lee this but that she can't afford to pay for it. He said he can't afford to keep working on Lee's van for free.

Lee said she will try to save enough money for a new computer, then take it to the Mazda dealership, where she should have in the first place.

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