SAN ANTONIO Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz has conceded to his Republican challenger Susan Pamerleau as the last of the votes trickled in Tuesday night.

Pamerleau led for most of Tuesday evening as the voting results trickled in. Ortiz, the incumbant, said he was worried but still optimistic.

Ortiz conceded while trailing with 48 percent of the votes to Pamerleau's 52 percent. About 90 percent of the precincts were accounted for when the sheriff made the announcement.

As Ortiz clung to hope until nearly the end, victory was in the air at the Pamerleau watch party. Pamerleau said she knows some Demorats crossed party lines to help her win.

This is no longer a small-town law enforcement operation, she said. We're the nineteenth largest county in the nation, and in order to keep up with the growth and development in the county, we need to have a strategic long-term vision to reform public safety in Bexar County.

Ortiz, a Democrat, has served as Bexar County sheriff for the past four years.

Pamerleau is a retired Air Force major general.

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