Felix Baumgartner made history with his record-breaking jump Sunday.

Baumgartner s supersonic free fall broke the record for highest manned balloon flight and highest free-fall jump after he rose to more than 22 miles into the sky.

The capsule he jumped out of was in San Antonio just three weeks ago for testing.

The first time when Felix came to do the dry run, the practice, it was basically for him to practice his procedures, says Bill Ercoline of Wyle Engineering.

Ercoline tested the capsule at Brooks City-Base.

Baumgartner was in San Antonio with the capsule in November of 2011 to simulate his ascent.

The altitude chamber still has the marks of where the capsule was placed. The chamber gave Felix a real-life feel of what it would be like to be 120,000 feet high.

We actually got it above 100,000 feet, and then we could chill the chamber down to about minus 50 degrees, said Ercoline. You couldn t live at that altitude. Your blood would boil and you would die immediately.

After a test in July when Baumgartner jumped from 94,000 feet, the capsule had some damage when it cam back down.

Brooks had the capsule after it was repaired. They gave it the all-clear for the Sunday flight.

A spokesman from the Red Bull Stratos project said it will take time to confirm that the sound barrier was indeed broken. They also hope to have a documentary about the whole project by the end of the year.

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