SAN ANTONIO -- If there's one thing the Daughters of the Republic of Texas don't like it's a lie, said their spokesperson. They are calling a sexual harassment lawsuit frivolous and they plan to fight to the end.

It is a former spokesperson for the Alamo who is suing the DRT claiming he was sexually harassed by a female board member, and that he was the victim of slander by the attorney for the DRT.

Anthony Caridi worked as director of marketing at the Alamo for about two years. He was fired in January, and says it was retaliation.

The lawsuit says Caridi was repeatedly harassed by a board member who is not mentioned by name. He said she continually asked to meet with him in private. Caridi says he rejected all of the woman's advances, and as a result he was subjected to retaliation.

Caridi claims he was discriminated against based on his race and national origin.

He said when he spoke out against repetitive discriminatory and harassing acts by his superiors and board members he was fired for allegedly violating 16 company polices or procedures.

Karen Thompson, the president of the Daughters of the Republic, said Caridi was terminated for cause.

Yet, according to Caridi's attorneys. he was never counseled or reprimanded for his performance.

In fact, they say he was recognized for his dedication to the Alamo in December of last year - just a month before he was let go.

In an email statement from the DRT responded to the claims by saying, Once it was determined that (Caridi) was misusing State property to write a false and defamatory book about his employer, termination was the only course of action.

It's just the true background of the DRT - who these people really are. And it's not a good thing, said Caridi's attorney, Adam Poncio. They took the first volley by firing him without providing any compensation.

The DRT stated they believe the case will be dismissed because Caridi agreed to file claims in mandatory, binding arbitration.

They went on to add, Mr. Caridi started this fight, but The Daughters of the Republic of Texas intend to finish it.

Caridi wants a public apology and the lawsuit seeks lost wages.

The Texas General Land Office has oversight of the Alamo and is not named in the lawsuit.

A spokesperson said they are focused on moving forward.

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