KENDALL COUNTY -- Drive eight miles west of Boerne along Highway 46 and you'll come to the 3K Ranch 3,700 acres of pristine Texas Hill Country full of junipers, maples, and Texas madrones.

The late Albert and Bessie Kronkosky gifted their ranch a year ago in their estate to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The couple wanted the property to be preserved and enjoyed by the public.

However, 3K Ranch has yet to be opened to the public.

Realistically, the TPWD said it could be five to ten years before the public is allowed on the property.

3K Ranch is one of five properties owned by TPWD that are years away from being opened to the public.

How many people would love to be able to come and experience this, TPWD regional director Todd McClanahan said.

But McClanahan said because of a budget crunch, TPWD doesn t have the money right now to develop or operate these properties.

Last year s $4.6 million shortfall in operating costs left TPWD struggling to simplykeep its existing parks open.

It's tough times. It's tough times for everyone, McClanahan said.

State Rep. Doug Miller said he would like the state to budget more money to develop and open these parks but said inthe current economicclimatethe state doesn t have the resources.

The state lawmaker, whose district includes the 3K Ranch, said he understands people s frustrations but hopes they will be patient.

So it takes another generation. So it takes a little longer. We still have it for Texas.

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