Voting results for theMay 12, 2012, Bexar County election:

Alamo Community College District
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Trustee, District No. 5
o Roberto Zarate: 1452
o Ramiro Nava: 1261

North East Independent School District
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Trustee, Place No. 4
o Betty L. Daise: 1111
o Jim Wheat: 1180
o James McFall: 719

Trustee, Place No. 5
o Shannon Grona: 1458
o Donnie Mahan: 740
o Darpan I. Patel: 367

Trustee, Place No. 6
o Letti Bresnahan: 1635
o Tom Lessner: 1629
o Rogelio Rodriguez: 1080

City of Balcones Heights
(ALLprecincts reporting)

o Suzanne DeLeon: 127

Council, Place No. 1
o Miguel C. Valverde: 116

Council, Place No. 2
o Madeline Slay: 76
o Linda Pohl: 70

City of Castle Hills
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Alderman, Place No. 1
o Mike Catalani: 412
o Marcella Huff: 250

Alderman, Place No. 4
o Tim Howell: 486

Alderman, Place No. 5
o Tom Davis: 479

City of Fair Oaks Ranch
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Proposition 1
The reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas at the rate of one-fourth of one percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets.
o For: 526
o Against: 77

City of Hollywood Park
(ALLprecincts reporting)

o Bill Bohlke: 707
o Tim McCallum:384

Council Place 2
Sudie Sartor: 579
Debra Trueman:507

Council Place 4
David Swan: 449
Matt Amerman: 635

City of Kirby
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Council Member
Vote for three
o Charlene A. Wyatt: 57
o Jerry Lehman: 61
o John Houlton: 58
o Ernest Spradling: 69

City of Leon Valley
(ALLprecincts reporting)

o Robert Stanley Litoff: 188
o Chris Riley: 564

Council, Place No. 2
o Arthur Art Reyna, Jr.: 550

Council, Place No. 4
o Jack Dean: 427
o Al Baldridge: 326

The issuance of not to exceed $7,000,000 of city of Leon Valley, Texas general obligation bonds for designing, acquiring, constructing, improving, renovating, demolishing, expanding, and equipping a public safety and support services complex. (For more information, call the Elections Office, 335-VOTE)
o For: 515
o Against: 252

City of Live Oak
(ALLprecincts reporting)

o Loretta Louise Kusek: 313
o Mary M. Dennis: 776

Council, Place No. 2
o Robert Bob Tullgren: 651
o Richard Anthony Garcia: 408

Council, Place No. 4
o Ed Cimics: 796

City of Shavano Park
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Alderman - 2 Year Term
Vote for three
o Vicky Maisel: 491
o Mark Kamstra: 429
o Etta Fanning: 515
o Al Walea: 468
o Charlie Brame: 553

Bexar County Water Control and Improvement District #10
(ALLprecincts reporting)

Vote for two
o G. Tom Moore: 335
o Allan Thompson: 362
o Ed Chevalier: 556
o Mark Perry: 542

City of San Antonio Bond Election
(518 of 522 precincts reporting)

Proposition 1
The issuance of bonds in the amount of $337,441,000 for streets, bridges, and sidewalks improvements
o For: 29,245
o Against: 11,216

Proposition 2
The issuance of bonds in the amount of $128,031,000 for drainage and flood control improvements
o For: 29,561
o Against: 11,008

Proposition 3
The issuance of bonds in the amount of $87,150,000 for parks, recreation, and open space improvements
o For: 26,164
o Against: 14,468

Proposition 4
The issuance of bonds in the amount of $29,032,000 for library, museum, and cultural arts facilities improvements
o For: 25,333
o Against: 15,294

Proposition 5
The issuance of bonds in the amount of $14,346,000 for public safety facilities improvements
o For: 27,195
o Against: 13,393

City of San Antonio Charter Amendment Election
(518 of 522 precincts reporting)

Charter proposition
Shall the city charter be amended to fill city council vacancies by special election rather than appointment when more than 270 days remain in the unexpired council term, and to permit the city council to appoint a temporary council member until such time as the special election can be held
o For: 32,251
o Against: 8,126

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