SAN ANTONIO -- Authorities arrested more than 300 driver for driving while intoxicated during Fiesta 2012.

Keith Nothacker, President of BACtrack, believes these individuals could have stopped themselves buy making a $100 investment that could save lives.

The BACtrack is a personal hand-held breathalyzer that uses a fuel cell sensor just like law enforcement devises to measure a person's alcohol level.

When police arrest you, it's already too late, Nothacker said.

Kens 5 visited Highlander, a popular watering hole on Fredericksburg Road, to gain people's reception to the BACtrack device.

Patrons of the bar and the bartender agreed this device could save lives and promote smarter decision making when it comes to driving after a night on the town.

If you could get them to blow it. 'Oh yeah, you're right. Now I'll take a cab ride home.' Something like that, Mike Specia said, who owns Highlander.

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