PEARLAND, Texas The Pearland Police Department located and arrested a woman for outstanding traffic violations after she tweeted about having a warrant.

Mahogany Pleshette Mason-Kelly tweeted, I still gotta warrant in pearland...those pigs will NEVER catch me!!!...NEVER!!!

The tweet was turned over to the Pearland police warrant division on Thursday, April 19.

Officers conducted a search of outstanding warrants and found that Mason-Kelly had four municipal traffic warrants. They also learned that she was a current student at Lamar University in Beaumont and found another warrant for Mason-Kelly s sister Turquoise.

Pearland police contacted the Lamar University police and coordinated the suspect s arrest on Friday.

Fingerprint comparisons found that Mahogany had falsely identified herself as her sister Turquoise on a traffic stop on May 17, 2011. Mason-Kelly had been stopped and issued a citation in her sister s name. A computer check found that Turquoise Mason-Kelly had an outstanding warrant for her arrest through the Houston Police Department. Mahogany was arrested for the outstanding warrant and booked into jail under her sister s name. She signed the name Turquoise to all documents throughout her incarceration.

Once confronted with the photographic and fingerprint evidence, Mahogany admitted to providing officers with her sister s identifying information when she was arrested on May 17, 2011. Mason-Kelly was then charged with tampering with a governmental record and failure to identify in addition to the traffic warrants in her own and Turquoise s name.

Mahogany Mason-Kelly was released on April 21, 2012 after posting bond on all charges.

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