Students are getting the chance to design their own school.Pfluger Architectural firm is planning a renovation of Highland High School by the end of the year.The firm decided the best place to get feedback on the design was the schools engineering and architectural team.

We sometimes get pigeon-holed in a box working in the office and it s good to get out and get a student s perspective because they live the life every day, says Robyn Popa with thePfluger Architectural firm.

About 20 students from Highlands design team had to come up with proposals for the upcoming renovation.

Most of the students plan on going on to major In architectural design in college. Theythink of this as a great opportunity.

Pfluger has been designated to head up the $65.7-million project that is estimated to taketwo years to be completed.

Martin Delgado, a junior at Highlands, said, Not too many teenagers get to put theirtwo cents into how they want their school to be reconstructed.It feels like I m off the ground right now.

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