SANANTONIO -- University Hospital is sharing an incredible story of survival. A San Antonio woman was saved during a crisis baby delivery. But it took more than 33 gallons of blood.

Two-month-old Addison Walker came into the world in an unusual way. Her mother, Gina, had a rare pregnancy condition called placenta percreta. The placenta invaded through the uterine wall into the bladder, causing massive bleeding during a delivery operation.

Doctors at University Hospital recalled the February eight-hour operation.

Unfortunately, Ms. Walker had blood loss that superseded anything that we could have prepared for, said Dr. Jason Parker, U.T. Health Science Center OB/GYN.

Walker lost more than ten times the amount of blood surgeons anticipated. She needed more than 33 gallons. That s 540 units to keep her alive.

After I watched cooler after cooler after cooler with my wife s name on it full of blood going up and down the hallways, yeah, I did get worried, recalled Gina s husband Dustin.

The hospital blood bank went into overdrive to keep up. Everyone from residents to medical students to family rolled up their sleeves to donate.

I remember praying that she had to make it, said Sherrie Warner of the University Hospital blood bank.

Miraculously, Walker made it through with only slight blurry vision in one eye as a consequence of her critical, massive infusion of blood.

Just thank you to everybody here, the staff, Walker said. They became like a family to me.

I can truly say that it s a miracle that Gina and Addison are here today, added Dr. Kevin Hall, U.T. Health Science Center gynecologic oncology specialist.

Baby Addison is thriving.

Dustin Walker said he has donated blood once or twice in the past. But you can bet now that he s seen whatthe gift of life can do, he ll be a regular donor.

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