SANANTONIO -- The Spurs are back in action at the AT&T Center tonight for the first time in 25 days. Two of the team s fans are paying tribute to the Silver and Black in a unique way.

They are two of the biggest names ever to wear a Spurs jersey: Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, a dynamic duo for a decade.

Jon Paul and Crystal Dennison are big fans, having met in 2007 while waiting tables at the AT&T Center during Spurs games.

We know that the Lord brought us together, but he used the Spurs to do it, Jon Paul said.

When the San Antonio couple found out they were having twin boys, they chose names befitting a power forward and a point guard.

Duncan and Parker, identical twins, were born Friday at North Central Baptist Hospital. They weighed in at close to five pounds each and, appropriately, Duncan is a little taller.

It kind of started off as a joke, the proud father explained. We said it at lunch one day and everybody laughed. And then we got to thinking that we really actually liked the names a whole lot. They re really cool names.

They re only five days old, and already sporting the colors. Number 9 and number 21 are ready for action.

Mom and Dad hope these boys are good teammates like the other Duncan and Parker, sharing victories and providing assists.

They could both be superstars on their own, Jon Paul said of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, but they work as a team so well.

Once they grow older and Dad gets a little more influence, we ll be painting the walls silver and black, the boys mother added.

Duncan and Parker Dennison will stay in the NICU for a few weeks. They ll be home in time to sit with Mom and Dad while they watch the playoffs.

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