A major drug bust in Seguinon Monday could be tied to the Mexican Mafia.

Guadalupe County Sheriff's deputies say theyfound over 100 grams of crack cocaine, cash and guns inside a homein the 1600 block of Chapman street in Seguin.The drugs have an estimated street value of $17,000.

The Sheriff s Office scoped out the house forthree weeks prior to the bust.

They arrested Roy Martinez. They sayMartinez has ties to the Mexican Mafiabecauseknown Mafia memberswere seenat the home during the surveillance.The sheriff said Martinez had just finished a felony prison sentence and now faces 15 to 99 years for this bust.

They said they found over six ounces of crack cocaine and recovered three 9mm guns, as well asa sawed off shotgun.

On Friday a deputy noticed a bag with a homemade handle sticking out of the bag in the back of a pickup truck on I-10 in Seguin. After pulling over the truck for following too close to an 18-wheeler they found $28,000 worth of pot.

That s commonly how it's carried across the border by their workers. And that was like a homemade handle inside that bag that allowed them to carry it, said Arnold Zwicke, Guadalupe County sheriff.

Talvin Louviere from Louisiana was charged for possession. He may face 5 to 99 years.

The sheriff says that he credits the bust on Chapman Street to good detective work and the help of neighbors, who provided them with leads to track.
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